Terms and Conditions

Welcome to BlackBerry.Rocks Terms & Conditions page. Please read carefully and enjoy the Community.

Community Rules

Registration to BlackBerry.Rocks is free. All messages in groups and forums express the views of the author and owners of BlackBerry.Rocks nor admins / moderators will be held responsible for the content posted in the community.

BlackBerry.Rocks aims to be and keep this community helpful ad friendly.

BlackBerry.Rocks reserves the right to ban or delete user accounts at any time due to user conduct that may cause harm to others or the BlackBerry brand.


BBM Groups Re Imaged! BlackBerry.Rocks Community is based on Groups with Chat, Forums and Media Gallery for users to engage with themselves. It’s sort of BBM Groups extended in the world wide web.

At this point, users aren’t allowed to create it’s own groups. However they can submit a request for a specific group to be created.


Forums are part of any particular group and not a standalone discussion board. Join groups that interest you and be part of the forums conversation inside the groups.

BlackBerry PIN Sharing

Sharing you BlackBerry PIN is allowed at BlackBerry.Rocks, however at your own risk.

Email Services

Custom BlackBerry.Rocks email services are coming soon. Stay tuned!



BlackBerry.Rocks arrives with the goal to rebuild the BlackBerry Community and brings an unique way for users to engage with other users from around the world.

Enjoy the community and start to engage with BlackBerry Addicts from around the World.

:: BBRocks Team