Football365 Livescore arrives at BBM

Football365 has launched its amazing Livescore service on BBM Discover, bringing users the most up-to-date football (soccer) scores and information of all matches direct on your BBM.

No more need to look for Livescore apps on your Android and iOS anymore. You can now get all the action integrated on BBM!

This is another WebService that BBM has partened for the platform, same as BBM News and BBM DiscoverTV, that can also be accessed on the web. If you are on BB10, like myself, access the Livescore BBM at from your browser to check it out.

Thanks again for Michelangelo for providing the screenshots (Android) and details about this great service integrated on BBM.

Note: This service is only available for Android and iOS as both platforms runs BBM Consumer App by EMTEK and BB10 is run by BlackBerry, same as for BBM Enterprise.


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